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Higher Ed Marketing Strategist

Christine Johnson 

Hi, I'm Christine. 👋 I'm a public speaker & marketing professional specializing in #HigherEd, #NonProfit, & #Accessibility. New fan of #MarketingTwitter. I specialize in the following areas:


Think of me as the quarterback of your marketing team. I know all the positions well enough to plan, implement & direct them to a big win, for you.


Not sure where to start? I can advise you on product-market fit, target audiences, channels, strategies, campaign tactics and more.


You need to stand out from the crowd and the best way to do that is by sharing information that your readers will find relevant and useful. I can help.


It's not just a buzz word, it's the new standard. I can help you set up your marketing material so that you're able to reach customers of all abilities.

Looking for a speaker?

I know how challenging it is to lock down someone who will educate, engage and entertain a crowd. I can't say yes to everything but I can promise that I'll always give 110% when I agree to take on the role of speaker for your event. Below are some highlights of talks I've given:

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Below are some nice things smart people I’ve worked with have to say about me. These are all recommendations available on my Linkedin profile.

What was clear as I got to know Christine as she built out her talk: 1. She's a senior marketer who knows what she's talking about. 2. She wants to share her knowledge to help others 3. She's not afraid to show her process, results and specific examples so you *really* get it. She wants to make sure the audience will learn a lot from her talk. To be a speaker is to be a teacher. And Christine is a great one.
Stefanie GrieserStefanie Grieser, Shine Bootcamp founder
Christine is amazing. Our conference is so grateful to have had Christine share her knowledge on digital marketing. She is professional, extremely organized and truly an expert in her field. I can't wait for the opportunity to work with Christine again!
Kelsey HepplesKelsey Hepples, CEO at Marketing Connect
Christine is extremely professional, and I felt very comfortable placing her in a supervisor/client-facing role. While she was with us she engulfed herself in adding a well-rounded arsenal of tactics in inbound marketing, and she also became Inbound and HubSpot Certified during her contract with Inbound Fit.
Anthony GuerraAnthony Guerra, CMO
Christine's approach to online marketing is innovative, detail oriented, and delivers the results my clients were looking for. Her knowledge and strategic foresight drove campaigns and brought in real sales. As a result, people were always interested in renewing our services. As a sales rep, I couldn't have been happier to have her on my team.
Julien PrevostJulien Prevost, Real Estate Agent
Christine blazed through multiple tech integrations as she helped guide our team through a comprehensive insurance marketing campaign launch. It was a pleasure working with Christine and any company would be lucky to have her!
Matt MesarosMatt Mesaros, Operations Executive
Christine wrote the copy for that went above and beyond my expectations. She wrote eloquent copy that stayed on brand voice. I would recommend Christine for any kind of branding or copy work. She has been easy to work with & responsive.
Matt Tran, Engineered TruthMatt Tran, YouTube Personality
I have worked with Christine on a few projects and in two workplaces over the past several years. She's a hardworking and intelligent business person and marketing strategist with excellent customer service skills. She has a knack for understanding exactly what customers want and delivering results. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for managing and executing digital marketing projects.
Emily RodgersEmily Rodgers, Marketing Director
Christine was the Digital Marketing Manager on our team at TMS and we worked very closely together on many different campaigns and projects. She is hardworking, knowledgable and has the ability to execute and deliver under tight deadlines. In addition to this, she is friendly, intelligent and an overall joy to work with. I highly recommend Christine for any freelance or digital marketing role.
Shadia AllounShadia Alloun, Marketing Director

Always happy to hear from you

If any of my projects interest you or you just want to meet up and chat, please feel free to reach out. I love meeting new people and learning their stories.

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